4 Ways To Get Your Hardwood Flooring To Match The Rest Of Your Home

If you're concerned about getting new hardwood floors in one room of your home, while the rest of your home already has hardwood, there are a number of things that you can do to help the flooring match each other from room to room. You may also be worried about getting new hardwood flooring if your home has a lot of wood features, such as columns, and trim around windows and doors.

How To Install Paper Bag Floors

Are you looking for a unique but low cost flooring option? If you have a concrete or plywood sub-floor, paper bag flooring may be a good option. This method uses paper bags, or brown packing paper, and polyurethane to create a floor finish that has an almost leather-like appearance. The following guide can help you complete the project. Supplies Brown packing paper or paper bags White glue