Adding A Design To Concrete Flooring

If you have a concrete floor that you would like revamped with a designer flooring option, but you are not yet sure about what type of medium you would like to use, you may want to consider sprucing up the existing surface on your own in the interim. Adding a patterned design to a bland concrete floor is a wonderful way to incorporate some character into a room while you decide on a more permanent flooring option. Here are some instructions you can follow to give your concrete floor a renewed look you will love.

Prepare The Floor

Remove all items from the room and use a vacuum cleaner to remove any surface dirt from the concrete floor. Clean down the floor with a mild detergent using a mop or sponge to remove grime. After this dries, vacuum the concrete once again to remove any particles that may have lifted to the surface during the scrubbing process. Use painter's tape to cover all baseboard wood to protect it from color.

Select A Pattern

Go to a local craft store to find a stencil to use for your floor pattern. Look for a plastic stencil in a large tile size. It may be a good idea to purchase a few of these so you can apply them to the floor as a bunch instead of having to reuse the same stencil several times. Purchasing a pattern without a lot of detail is beneficial as there is less work to do to get the floor covered as well as the fact a simple pattern will give the floor a new look without it appearing too cluttered.

Add The Color

It is best to use a paintbrush to give concrete a new color as the porous sections are filled in by dabbing the brush into them to apply the hue. Give the entire floor a coat of paint and allow it to dry in its entirety. When it is safe to walk upon the surface, start in one corner and tape stencils directly to the floor using painter's tape on the stencil edges.

Select a contrasting color from your base color when adding the design so it will be easily seen. Use a small paintbrush to dab this contrasting color into the cut outs in each stencil. Continue moving the stencils next to the already painted designs until you have the entire room filled. If you find the stencils are too big when you get to the last row of flooring, cut them to fit using a pair of scissors. When the entire floor is covered, paint a coating of polyurethane to protect your handiwork from wear and tear.

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